Andre Veiga


Assistant Professor of Economics

I am an IO economist with interests in healthcare, insurance and digital markets. My work leverages theory and data to better understand how individuals and firms operate in these markets, and how best to regulate them.

Imperial College Business School
South Kensington Campus, London SW12AZ, UK
Phone: +44 (0)20 7594 7957

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Working Papers

Information and Disparities in Health Care Quality: Evidence from GP Choice in England
with Zach Brown, Chris Hansman, and Jordan Keener

Optimal Contract Regulation in Selection Markets
with John Levy

News Content and Advertising Effectiveness: Evidence from an Eye-Tracking Experiment
with Tommaso Valletti and Andrey Simonov
SSRN | Summary on

Price Discrimination in Markets for Lemons
Review of Economics and Statistics, Conditionally Accepted
Shortlisted for SCOR/EGRIE Young Economist Best Paper Award 2020


Should I stay or should I go? Migrating away from an incumbent platform
with Gary Biglaiser and Jacques Cremer
RAND Journal of Economics, Forthcoming
Summary on

Competitive Equilibrium in Screening Markets with Unbounded Types
with John Levy
Journal of Economic Theory, 2021
Shortlisted for SCOR/EGRIE Young Economist Best Paper Award 2018

On the Existence of Positive Equilibrium Profits in Competitive Screening Markets
with John Levy
Games & Economic Behavior, 2020

Social Media, News Media and the Stock Market
with Peiran Jiao and Ansgar Walther
Journal of Economic Behaviour & Organization, 2020
Coverage: Baron's | Bloomberg | The Globe and Mail | City A.M. | Sydney Morning Herald

A Note on How to Sell a Network Good
International Journal of Industrial Organization, 2018

Pricing Institutions and the Welfare Cost of Adverse Selection
with E. Glen Weyl
American Economic Journal: Microeconomics, 2017

Multidimensional Platform Design
with Alexander White and E.Glen Weyl
American Economic Review: Papers and Proceedings, 2017

Product Design in Selection Markets
with E. Glen Weyl
Quarterly Journal of Economics, 2016

Non-Refereed Publications

Competition Policy in Selection Markets
with Neale Mahoney and E. Glen Weyl
CPI Antitrust Chronicle, 2014

Economic Democracy and Market Power
with Zoe Hitzig, Michelle Meagher, and Glen Weyl
CPI Antitrust Chronicle, 2020


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Oxford undergraduate: Quantitative Economics, Economics of Industry, Core Micro
Oxford Phd (click for materials): Selection Markets, Network Markets